– Leaving money on the table
– Paying taxes with money you could be giving yourself or your employees
– Restricting key employees by using a cookie cutter plan design

Plan Design

Our plan design process analyzes your current contribution formula to determine if:
- Key employees are receiving everything they are entitled to
- You are maximizing tax deductions
- You are shifting money to key employees
- You are shifting resources from the IRS to employees

Plan Administration

- Document services
- Annual valuation preparation
- Compliance testing
- Annual Form 5500
- Guidance with IRS or DOL audits

Employee Education

- Enrollment meetings
- One-on-one meetings with participants
- Investment education
- Retirement preparation
- Rollover services

Fees and Expenses

- Annual analysis of investment fees
- Negotiate pricing reductions
- Preparation of fee disclosure documents

Fiduciary Compliance and Liability

- Annual documentation of the fiduciary and due diligence process
- Assist in selecting fiduciary partner and level of fiduciary assistance needed: 3(16), 3(21), 3(38)
- Combined knowledge of Erisa, tax law and investments makes us SUPERIOR

Investment Support

- Preparation of Investment Policy Statement
- Investment research and plan investment changes
- Performance monitoring
- Benchmarking funds against peers and indexes